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Be The Band, a part of Be The Brand

What About Us

BE THE BAND is all about building your merchandise brand as an artist. We provide our clients with designs, products, marketing, e-commerce solutions and world wide distrubution. We understand that to build a recognizable brand you need patience, great designs, well-thought marketing plans and a dedicated team.


No artist is too large or small  - We are as happy to help upcoming artists as experienced artists. The team of Be The Band are experts in customize a range of clothes and products based on your brands guidance.




No limits in design - Our design team takes our clients' merchandise to the next level.  



Why share a webshop?  - Get your customized webshop in your own domain.


Your success is our success - Our mission is to always improve and enhance our clients brand

"Welcome To The Jungle"


We can provide you with everything you need for a wide and exclusive merchandise collection. The number of products we are able to customize in your unique design is too many to count.


In the box you will find some of our best-selling clothing brands.




We are proud that we can decorate your products with many different techniques, here are some examples:


Splendid results on a wide range of products from polo shirts to jackets, bags and baseball caps.  For most customers, embroidery adds a durable yet "elegant" touch to the garment.